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If I want to maintain an average of at least one post per month, I figure I better write one pretty soon. Either that, or I suppose I could right one every day for the next five weeks, and then I could still maintain that average without doing anything at all for a couple years. Hmm…nah.

I am, shame on me, sitting in class while I write this. Contrary to the entry title, I'm also not really multitasking. This is pretty much all I'm doing. However, I don't feel bad about this because the material that the teacher is lecturing on is the exact topic that we had to know in order to turn in the project that was due before class this morning. Yes, that's right. So, here I am not really paying attention to a lecture on something I already had to learn. Maybe we'll get into some new material before the end of the class.

On a related note though, I have found that being actively distracted just a little bit can actually greatly increase the amount of attention I devote to something that might otherwise be very boring. If I had nothing to do but listen to an uninteresting topic, my mind could easily wander. However, if I have something small to distract me while knowing I'm really supposed to be paying attention, then my mind ends up being a lot more active because it's switching between two things, at a much higher level of interest. It really does work.

That's my thought for the day. I had a really good and very interesting trip back east over Christmas, but I think most everyone who reads this already knows about it, and believe it or not we are getting into some new material in class, so I'm off for now.

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