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As of about an hour ago, I have now made it through midterms for all of my classes for this quarter. Amazing, isn't it? I seems like I just started these classes. Well, I did, sort of. Quarters go by a lot faster than semesters. Also, due to the cancellation of one of my classes today, I now have about six and a half hours before my next one. Therefore, I'm sitting in the Bronco Student Center in a big poofy chair, writing a blog entry and waiting for my registration appointment for the next quarter (which is at 3pm PST today).

CS 210, Computer Logic: the midterm was just a set of logic design problems. Due the availability of two practice tests, I felt pretty good about this one.

CS 241, Data Structures in Java: that was this morning. We did a bunch of operations on heaps and b-trees, which I must admit is better than actually writing code by hand on paper, which is what I had to do last quarter. I'm sure this one went well.

CS 375, Computers and Society: the group that I'm part of did a presentation on Tor, an anonymizing network. The presentation seemed to go smoothly, so I'm not really worried about this one either.

PSY 325, Multicultural Psychology (yes, I am really taking this class; it's required): 30 or so multiple choice questions, which I felt sort of confident on, and then about a dozen short answer/essay questions, which I felt confident on about a quarter of. I definitely had to be creative on the rest of the answers. I've found that teachers give you a lot more credit if you try, even if you're wrong.

So there you have it. I don't actually have the grades from any of these yet, so the verdict is still out on my success for the first half of the quarter. I think it will be okay though.

I also wanted to share a couple of things that made me laugh a few minutes ago, courtesy of Woot.com…those guys write some funny stuff sometimes. For your enjoyment:

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP)—Some coral reefs may be protected from global warming by a natural thermostat that regulates sea-surface temperatures in the open ocean, researchers said Wednesday.

Oceanographers found that the Clownfish monitors this thermostat, checking it twice a day and shouting “Do you think I’m made of money?” while setting it back ten degrees.

WASHINGTON (AP)—Americans worried about losing their television signals when analog goes dead next year now have a new concern: the government-issued coupons for the converter boxes have a short shelf life.

Through a spokesperson, the Federal Government said that now, since it has trashed the economy, screwed up a war, offended most other nations, and even figured out a way to screw up television, it will begin to confiscate puppies and work to make balloons illegal.


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