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I spent a few hours today working with my brother Jason and my dad building a fence in his back yard. Actually, the fence is kind of defining the back yard into its own area. He needs someplace for his kids and dog to play with less supervision than is required when there are no fences whatsoever (which is the current situation). Back at my parents’ house in California, we built (or re-built) the fences around our yard a few times throughout the years, so Jason has a pretty good idea of how to get it done. But Dad’s experience is invaluable as well, and he was kind enough to fly out for a week to help—and visit with everyone, of course.

I usually just sit at a desk all day working on computers, so building a fence is a little more physical than what I’m used to, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s nice to get to work on something tangible every now and then, and being outside is great. Plus, today was just perfect for working outside: just cloudy and breezy enough to keep us from getting too hot.

They got the posts set in cement yesterday, so today we mostly worked on the frame. With the exception of one area in a different part of the yard, we got the whole fence framed. Jason even got a couple of fence boards nailed up. They’ll be getting the rest of them up in the next few days. Until then though, my awesome nephew Josh is having a great time climbing on the framework. He just turned two last Friday.

It’s really great to have my dad out here visiting, even if it is only for a week.

My schedule has been crazy busy the last week, and though I have made considerable headway, my aforementioned very long blog post is still not complete. Soon though, very soon!

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