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Valentine’s Day Weekend

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Wow, time flies.  I didn’t get to write a mid-week post to wrap up my first semester, and due to the busy-ness of the weekend, I won’t get to it today, either. I think it would be much better to spend time with Courtney, especially on this particular weekend, than to take time at the moment to do something as low on the priority list as that.

Tomorrow, as I’m sure you all know, is Valentine’s Day. It will be the first time that Courtney and I get to be together on this holiday. Our long-distance situation in years past just made it difficult to arrange travel in the middle of the school semester like that. So, having just got married last July, this will be an extra special day for us. On top of that, as some of you know, the day after is our birthday. Yes, our birthday. Our birthdays are the same. We are exactly four years apart in age. How cool is that? I’m pretty sure the probability of two random people sharing the same birthday and getting married is pretty low (marriage aside, there is an interesting analysis of how many people you have to ask before you’ll find any that share the same birthday if you’re interested). It certainly makes it just about impossible to forget, that’s for sure.

So, for now, I’m off to spend the rest of the weekend with my wonderful wife. I hope you can look forward to something similar–with your own wife, of course.

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