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Some people say that habits can be formed in 21 days of continuous repetition. I don't know if this still applies if the specific action in question happens only once a week (and therefore takes 21 weeks), or if it must be every single day. However, if the weekly interval doesn't screw up the effectiveness of the exercise, then it is (remotely) possible that I will be able to firmly establish a habit of writing something here for you all by the end of May. That's a long time to fail though, so we'll have to see. My last post–aside from the one I wrote in haste yesterday–was six months ago, so my track record is not encouraging. But there's nothing like a new decade to try it again, huh?

Also, I've felt a little bad sometimes about not having much to write of particular value, and so I don't always have the motivation to sit down and spend the time on it. This ends up being mostly an autobiography, which many of you might not find interesting at all. But then it occurred to me that I write mostly for me, and this whole blog is quite easy to ignore if you don't care to read it. So this will likely continue to have many of those kinds of posts, with some rare cases when I have delusions of grandeur and try to write something exceptionally interesting. As it is, I find that writing, regardless of the topic, helps me be more creative in general, and helps me look for opportunities to express that heightened creativity. It's kind of fun, actually.

I haven't summarized each of my college semesters and quarters like I promised I would in one of my previous posts, and that will still need to wait for another post. I'm just about to leave for a nice dinner and then a vintage ball (lots of colonial-style garb and dancing) that we've been involved in here in VA each year. That will be followed by a ritual trip to IHOP after it ends, and finally getting back home around 2am. Wish me luck!

Oh, and happy new year!

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