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I took my car to school this morning because it was actually raining this morning. A lot. I thought it was the sprinklers at first, because it was also sunny outside, but nope. Sun and rain at the same time is pretty uncommon around here. Heck, any rain at all is pretty uncommon around here. I guess it is almost October though. The odd thing was that the air was unmistakably dry at the same time.

Despite the traffic and not having my motorcycle, I actually managed to get to school and park about half an hour early, so I figured I'd write something while I wait for class to start at 9:15am. That doesn't give me a whole lot of time, but then again, I don't really have a whole lot to write.

This is my fourth quarter here, and there are a couple of pointlessly interesting things that I've come to know about this place. First, nobody ever cleans the metal grates that block the high windows in the stairwells. I wiped one little bit of gunk off with my thumb in the first few weeks I was here, and the obvious thumbprint is still there. Scandalous. Also, there are exactly 14 steps in each segment of stairs in the Computer Science building (Building 8). Going two steps at a time, it takes exactly 36 steps to make it from the 1st floor to the door of the 3rd floor where most of my classes are, counting the two steps it takes to round the corner at the top of each segment of stairs. The stairwell door on the 3rd floor has an outdated note about classes on it, which is now completely saturated with yellow hydraulic fluid from the brake at the top of the door, which leaks. It took three whole quarters for that stuff to seep through the entire page.

Well, my class is going to start soon. I'm off for now.

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