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A rather interesting day

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Actually, it's an interesting couple of days. Specifically, yesterday and today, or at least this morning. Today is still playing out, since it isn't even lunch time yet.

First of all, we had to tent our house because of termites. Termites are absolutely gross. They aren't everywhere in the house, but we're retexturing and repainting, and they are some places in the front of the house, and we figured it would be a bad idea to wait and deal with them later. We set this all up and had to prepare in about two days because it was only Monday that we learned that they were actually inside the house. Of course, this made things quite hectic at home. I was even at school and work for a good portion of it, and it was still hectic. We had to relocate temporarily to a hotel, which is where my parents and Greg and I stayed last night and will again tonight. Our house looks like a circus tent. We aren't allowed to go back inside until the middle of the day on Friday.

On top of that, my laptop's Kubuntu installation decided that it didn't want to boot anymore, which hasn't been easy to deal with so far. For reasons unknown to me, Kubuntu can't do a repair installation over itself, only a regular re-installation. I could easily save my user profile if it was on a different partition, but it's not, and it's about 80gb. I had to back it up someplace, and I can't use anything at home (since I can't go home until Friday), and of course I didn't think to bring a spare backup drive with me to the hotel, so I had to go get one at the Best Buy across the street. Thankfully, they had something perfect and on sale right at the moment I needed it. My laptop is now copying furiously to the drive, and I'll reinstall the OS as soon as it finishes. I'm kind of stuck not being able to work until it's done, because all of my development tools are on my laptop, and I don't have administrative rights to install software at work.

Third, I found out this morning the hard way (actually, the expensive way) that lane splitting in California doesn't apply to that incredibly convenient space between the carpool (HOV) lane and the fast lane. Nope. Although I know nobody will be happy that I got a ticket, I'm sure at least some of you will be pleased to know that I'll no longer be zipping between two lanes of cars down the freeway anymore. The technicality was crossing a double-yellow line, not the actual lane-splitting. The cop nailed at least two other riders while I was sitting there. He'd probably been there all morning; the traffic was terrible, so it was like shooting fish in a barrel. It was pretty sad to watch. I'll get to find out what it actually costs soon, I hope. The irony of all this is that I wouldn't have taken that route at all if I'd been coming from home. Ah, such is life.

I haven't forgotten about those school pictures I promised. I'll get them up once I have some time to play around a little more. The album is working, I'm just not sure about the integration with the posts.

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